About me and the Classes

Hi There 

My name is Claire and I am a fully qualified dance teacher with 30 years’ experience teaching various forms of dance to all age groups. 


 I hold a full PVG Disclosure and have First Aid training so you can guarantee your little one is safe. Although parents are required to stay. 

Ballet4Babies has been specifically designed to bring the joy of Music and Dance to babies and toddlers  from 6 months to 5 years. 


Miss Miranda Mouse and I would like to welcome all Boys and Girls in this age group to join our classes. 

Classes are split into 3 age groups: 

Babies and Tots Aged 6 months – 18 months 

Little Stars Aged 16 months – 3 years 

Big Stars Aged 3 years – 5 years 

This is approximate ages and they would move up to the next class at a suitable time following an appropriate birthday. 

 1 Parent/guardian per child is expected to participate with the child  for Babies and Tots class and also Little Stars but the Big Stars should normally be able to manage on their own. 


We hope to meet you very soon. 

Claire Quinn L.I.S.T.D, A.I.S.T.D (dip), A.S.D.T.A, Holder of Intermediate R.A.D and former registered RAD teacher. 

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