My little one has been attending this lovely class for almost a year now, since she was 8months old and her development has been amazing!!
Miss Claire is patient and friendly and gently guides the children through a variety of songs and activities tailored specifically for their age group. The class is broken into manageable songs and lots of fun props are used such as bubble machines, tambourines, teddy bears etc to help keep the little ones attention at an age where it can be difficult!!!! Aside from learning some beautiful little routines like twinkle twinkle and incy wincy spider (which we just love to show off to friends and family), another great aspect of the the class is that It’s an excellent first step into the land of learning. My little one has picked up many fab social skills from her classes eg waiting her turn, putting her toys away when time is up and generally looking towards Miss Claire as a ‘teacher’ & trying to listen and copy her. I am absolutely delighted with this given she is not even 2 yet!!! Its clear that many of the activities are paving the way for future ballet skills, lots of bending of knees and pointy toes. Now that she has moved into the next age group I am seeing the benefits of this grounding. Its a well thought out structure and a thoroughly pleasant time for my daughter and I to enjoy ourselves. There’s never any stress if she goes for a wander or decides to give miss Claire hugs in the middle of class, just lots of laughs and gentle guidance from Claire!!




Excellent class, my girl loves it … Miss Claire is a great Teacher & good with all the children!… Me & my girl look forward to coming here every Tuesday it’s full of exciting activities for the children & Miss Claire is very Patient & helpful and has a great routine interacts with each child & knows them as Individuals .. Well worth going to would highly recommend this class.




My little one has just recently started at this class, I honestly could not recommend it more highly. Miss Clair is patient, friendly and very welcoming. My lo who is strange with people she doesn’t know has warmed to her in record time. The lessons are extremely well priced, well thought out and age appropriate. Most importantly my lo loves going.




My 9 month old has been going for 3 months now and I can see how much she is learning as time goes on. I love to watch her joy at seeing Miss Claire, recognising the songs, finding her rhythm, seeing which prop comes next, learning from the older kids, to name a few of the benefits. Great introduction to ballet for young children and nice size of class so all kids receive a lot of attention.




Claire was wonderful at building up my daughter’s confidence. She got to know her and made her feel welcome in the Little Stars class and helped her move on to doing Big Stars on her own. She loved the music and movement, and the classes were so fun and engaging. Claire is a great teacher and understands children so well.



Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. We have loved them.

We have loved your running a tight ship’ and  professionalism.

Thank you!

Lots of big hugs

Why should a young child take ballet?
The study of ballet will teach your child that things do not happen instantly. Hard work, focus, and dedication take time to show results. Doing things right – over and over again- is more important than doing a difficult movement once.   The foundation is vital. If you don’t have a solid foundation of technique you will struggle once you get to really dance… the same is true of life. –